The Peter Bush Communications Approach

The Peter Bush Communications Approach

Peter Bush Communications is an agency that builds effective campaigns using great content. From the day Peter formed the company, the Peter Bush Communications approach generated the highest quality content which is at the heart of everything we do.

Technology has changed how marketing is executed however, we still need great content. Whether the channel is digital PR, content-driven Inbound marketing or online advertising, our campaigns engage prospects and provide a sales advantage by converting awareness to opportunity quickly and effectively.

We use the same four-step approach as the rest of the Napier group, which allows us to deliver a measurable return on investment and to optimise our campaigns to take into account changes in your needs and the market environment:


Research, market insight and a ruthless focus on what matters speeds up our campaigns. We strip away the unimportant and identify the strengths that can be used to achieve business goals.


We understand the personas that matter and the motivators within your target audience. We identify the messages, channels and tactics that will propel prospects through the funnel more quickly.


Our broad range of PR and marketing expertise means that we integrate and amplify our marketing activities to achieve maximum impact. Our dashboards coordinate and optimise campaigns that reach across earned, owned, social and paid media to maximise the speed with which we generate opportunities.


We use business goals to measure the success of our campaigns, providing us with a clear view of your sales advantage. We continually refine goals to improve your ROI, taking into account the rapid changes in business and technology which quickly makes static goals obsolete.

Content-Driven PR and Marketing Service

We are an integrated agency that brings speed to all aspects of your campaigns, solving communications problems. Find out more about our services to move your prospects from awareness to opportunity faster.

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Peter Bush Communications is a specialist, industrial B2B Marketing and PR agency, providing services to engineering, technology and automation companies in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Peter Bush Communications is part of the Napier group of companies.

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