Our parent company, Napier, has begun a series of interviews which aims to give us an insight into the life of various marketing experts. The team at Napier has been asking a variety of questions to find out about their hobbies and interests, as well as getting down to the nitty gritty about elements such as their biggest marketing challenges.

HARTINGNatasha Sephton-Pike - HARTING's Regional Marketing Manager

One of our first clients to take part in the interview was Natasha Sephton-Pike, HARTING’s Regional Marketing Manager. Natasha recently took part in the Napier Marketing Expert series and was happy to share her answers with us.

In the interview, Natasha talks about her love for her dog, ‘Raspberry Beret’, and you guessed it, Prince! Natasha believes that creating more data driven marketing campaigns to support the HARTING customer journey will be the biggest change over the next three years.

You can read Natasha’s full interview over on the Napier website here.


Yokogawa Industrial AutomationMaaike Napier Marketing Blog

Following a recent visit from the Netherlands, our client Maaike Goinga, Marketing Manager of Yokogawa IA was the next marketing expert to take part in Napier’s ongoing series of interviews.

Maaike took the opportunity to share her thoughts on why she believes face-to-face contact is still important in this digitally developing world, how the speed of how technology has developed of the years- and even her Yoga passion!

The planning meeting was productive and enjoyable, as we took the opportunity to introduce Maaike to the beautiful city of Cambridge.

You can also read Maaike’s answers in full on the Napier website here.