Earlier in the year and away from work, I signed up for a Summer charity event in my local area. As the name goes ‘The Muddy Dog Challenge’- the event involved completing a 5k muddy obstacle course with my dog, Dexter; to raise money for Battersea dogs & cats home.

The obstacles included cargo net crawls, trampolines, swimming pools filled with mud and running through flowing streams; just to name a few!

With the great support from Napier/PBC, friends and family, I raised a total of £150. All in all, the 3 events spread over Essex, Nottingham and Windsor raised over £62,000 which gives the 8,000 animals which turn up at their gates every year the best chance to find a loving home.

It was a fantastic fun-filled day, and I will be sure to be back for more next year.

Muddy Dog Challenge 2017