As a B2B marketer, I understand the benefits and importance of incorporating social media within my marketing campaigns. However, the specific channels at my disposal are more limited than those of B2C industries.


Fear not B2B marketers out there; because there is one social media channel that really is ideally placed to support B2B marketers across all industries, and has also become an integral part of my own online presence for many years, and that is LinkedIn.

It’s been around since 2002 so one of the more established platforms. Originally seen as a site for recruiters, LinkedIn has evolved into something much more. HR Depts step aside, the marketers have arrived!

Since the Microsoft acquisition, LinkedIn has undergone a transformation as it offers new capabilities to help companies and individuals’ network, communicate, share and ultimately generate sales opportunities.

A relatively new kid on the block is account-based marketing which has proved to be an excellent campaign tactic to use via LinkedIn as it opens opportunities to target a few large key accounts in a specific industry. It can work for B2B organisations of any size, if the focus is on high-value accounts.

With account-based marketing, you choose who will see your display ads. After you upload a list of your target companies, account targeting matches them against the 13 million plus company pages on LinkedIn.

Through your company page, LinkedIn can showcase activities, shows, events, CSR, product launches, the list is endless. It has become a powerful means of connecting with people. Branding yourself as the thought leader on your company’s services will help people think of you when they need you.

LinkedIn is populated almost entirely by professionals who are looking for ways to grow their businesses. These individuals both represent their companies and create awareness of themselves as individuals.

LinkedIn will therefore continue to be an integral part of my strategic marketing planning and my own business networking activities.

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