B2B buyers are often misunderstood, by the public and in particular other markets including B2C. They are viewed as logical and intelligent people, who rely on the face-value facts before making a purchase. However, this view is inaccurate, as often B2B buyers are strongly tied to their emotions when making an important decision.

Agencies within the B2B market are often not given due credit of the challenges they face on behalf of their clients, on a day to day basis. Unlike the B2C market, B2B marketing involves hard, yet fast-paced decisions which can often have huge amounts of money at stake, as well as an employee’s or their client’s reputation. B2B agencies are entrusted to help their clients ensure they are marketing their product in the right way, to guarantee the agency doesn’t let their client down, resulting in success for the client and their customers.

Here at Peter Bush Communications, as part of the Napier group of companies, we thrive on this emotional pressure, working as a team to ensure every decision about our clients’ campaigns are carefully considered, resulting in long-term engagements and close relationships with our clients.

B2B marketing is a challenging, yet rewarding, discipline. As a specialist B2B communications agency, we provide PR and marketing communications services to a range of technology companies in the electronics and related high-technology sectors. We pour our hearts into our work, and put deep thought into both the emotional and factual side of any decisions involving our clients.

B2B is a vibrant, and exciting market, and at Peter Bush Communications we combine the knowledge of logic with emotion to give our clients the best ideas and strategies, ensuring the best service for our clients.

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