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For 10 years, Adaptsys have distributed for the world’s leading names in Device Programmers, Tape & Reel and Carrier Tape, providing solutions for customers current and future production needs.

  • Programming Solutions

Device programming volumes vary greatly depending on production demands. Adaptsys have the solutions that can manage 1 off’s for R&D to millions of devices per year using automated equipment with the additional support for microcontrollers to High Speed FLASH.

  • Tape and Reel

With the capabilities to help improve the speed and accuracy of components placed in carrier tapes, such as the new TM50 Vision Integration System- this is a key upgrade to check for part orientation, pin 1 and empty pocket detection.

    • Carrier Tape

With the skill to design and manufacture their own Reflex brand of carrier tapes in the UK, Adaptsys can quickly provide custom carrier tape to suit the required standard that you need.

Contact Details:

Unit 1 Rotherbrook Court
GU32 3QG

t: +44 (0) 1730 262444